A Q&A with Luke Laretive

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We are pleased to speak with Luke Laretive of Seneca Financial Solutions this week. Luke Laretive must be one of the most prolific sharemarket writers in the market, filling LinkedIn with insightful weekly insights.

Laretive offers a unique view of the industry having started in a full-service broking house before going out on his own and transforming into a fee-for-service and managed discretionary account provider. He now has over $250 million under management.

Getting to know Luke:

Favourite weekend activity in COVID-19 lockdown? Training in the park, beating Claire (his partner) at Scrabble.

Favourite holiday destination pre-COVID 19? Anywhere there’s warm weather and waves.

What is the first thing you will be doing post-COVID 19 lockdown? Heading to Perth for my brothers postponed wedding.

Online shopping or bricks & mortar? 100% online.

Four dream dinner guests: Oscar Wilde, Barack Obama, Jay Z, Tim Minchin.

What is your preferred investment vehicle? Less worried about the vehicle, more worried about what you own.

What is the best investment decision you have made? Probably pre-IPO Zip Co (Z1P) most recently. We’ve had a few nice ones over the years.

What is the worst investment decision/recommendation you have made? Had my fair share, goes with the territory if you’re investing in early stage, small and micro caps.

Financial Armageddon, gold bullion, cryptocurrency or USD? I would’ve said USD every day until about 3 months ago. Personally, cryptocurrency for my money.

What is your biggest concern for investors today? Behavioural biases and a lack of self-awareness.

Will President Trump be re-elected in 2020? I hope not.

You can only buy one Australian company for the next 10 years – what is it and why? It’s not the most exciting, but it is a metronome, Breville (ASX:BRG).

You can only buy one global company for the next 10 years – what is it and why? Adobe (ADBE) it’s the language of creativity. Creativity is always in demand.

Thanks for taking the time Luke!

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