March 24, 2019

Mal Smith

Two big goals for NAB Asset Servicing

by Greg Bright NAB Asset Servicing has won two new clients – both from BNP Paribas Securities Services – in a welcome relief after a couple of tough years, from a business sense. Importantly, the wins were made on its

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Ian Fryer

Chant West Awards focus on the member

It’s actually not easy to work out what’s in a member’s best interests. It can be a complex and difficult question to answer, according to Ian Fryer. The head of research at Chant West says there are many different ways

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… and the winners may be…

This year’s Chant West Awards night, the seventh annual event for super funds, which takes place on May 22 in Sydney, appropriately, is focused on how super funds are going about their business of acting in the best interest of

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Andy Budden

Staying active in changing times: an oldie but a goodie

The world’s largest active-only fund manager visited last week last week. Andy Budden, Singapore-based investment director with the Capital Group, said the philosophy behind the US$1.8 trillion asset manager’s flagship global equities fund remained as relevant today as it did

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