November 24, 2019

David Sheasby

The link between long-termism and sustainability

Ahead of its launch of a proposed ‘Long-Term Investment Institute’, Martin Currie, the Edinburgh-based international equities house, has produced an interesting paper describing the strong link between long-termism and sustainability. There are differences in the two concepts, too. The paper, 

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Mark O'Hare

The future for alternatives managers

If you are an alternatives fund manager, forget the old world of America and Europe. The growth is in the new world of Asia and other developing markets. A new study by Preqin, the global investments research house, spells out

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Bruce Apted

State Street study on ‘surprising’ small-cap performance

Smaller companies have disappointed since the global financial crisis, but they have still, slightly, outperformed large companies, at least in Australia. The disappointment comes from what is expected of smaller companies in rising markets. A research note published last week

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Justin Ellis

ASX ownership data belies common beliefs

So much for the Chinese taking over Australian businesses. A special report from Link Group subsidiary Orient Capital says that investments from Chinese sovereign wealth funds and other institutions in ASX 200 companies has halved in the past five years.

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Chloe Swarbrick

NZ Govt pressures ACC to divest fossil fuels

The NZ government could force the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), New Zealand’s largest institutional investor, to sell down about NZ$1 billion of fossil fuel-related investments, a parliamentary committee concluded last week. In a thinly veiled threat, the ‘Education and Workforce

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