May 31, 2020

Greg Everett

IRESS on a roll in super fund admin market

The new kid on the block in super fund administration, IRESS, formerly known, in the institutional space mainly for its information software and individual investor services, has picked up another big super fund client. It has just won a competitive

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Tim Wilson

More industry fund bashing by Lib backbenchers

Comment Do we need to have to change the Government to get any sense from try-hard politicians? Tim Wilson MP has grabbed onto the coattails of the likes of Senator Andrew Bragg, last week suggesting HostPlus has a “conflict of

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John Livanas and Raewyn Williams

… as risk governance gets an industry-wide airing

In an appropriately timed session at CMSF 2020’s virtual conference, IFM Investors sponsored the investment sessions, available last week, including ‘The Changing Face of Risk Governance’. It is obvious risk is complex. It would be good if Tim Wilson downloads

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Amanda Walters

Manager profits mask long-term issues: Casey Quirk

by David Chaplin* Listed funds management businesses have emerged relatively unscathed from the first round of COVID-19 market disruption, according to research from consultancy firm Casey Quirk, a Deloitte subsidiary. The Casey Quirk study found median revenue among a group

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Fei Mei Chan

Low-vol index transformed in turmoil

The US equities low-volatility index saw a record shake-up in constituents during the coronavirus market crisis, a new S&P Dow Jones analysis shows. At the latest low-volatility index three-month rebalancing date, on May 15, 64 stocks “rotated out” of the

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