July 5, 2020

Reece Birtles

With investments, adversity leads to invention too

Some of the best investment strategies have their genesis in personal circumstances or adversity. For Martin Currie, which manages one of Australia’s oldest and best performing equity income strategies, it was both. The firm last month celebrated the 10th anniversary

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Stefano Lee

Dutch firm picks up the four largest funds across Australasia

by David Chaplin The big Netherlands-headquartered investment performance attribution firm, Ortec Finance, has completed the double in both Australia and New Zealand, landing the two largest institutional funds in each country as clients. It picked up NZ’s Accident Compensation Corporation

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Mark Monfort and Nick James

… as Corona crisis forces investment data rethink

by Wietske Blees* Making well-informed investment decisions isn’t easy at the best of times but throw in a pandemic and a decade worth of quantitative easing that’s fuelling a growing disconnect between equity markets and underlying fundamentals, and reliably predicting

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Brendan Burwood

A new era begins at Chant West

Brendan Burwood has just one more task ahead of him now. That is to negotiate an exit for shareholders in the listed shell of the former Chant West Holdings and end a corporate saga which started when the software customisation

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Greg Cantor and Chris Briant

Australian Catholic Super’s new retirement strategy enhancement

The $9 billion profit-for-members Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund has appointed the specialist implementation manager Parametric Portfolio Associates to run a mandate as part of the ‘RetireSmart’ strategy for a new custom-designed equities approach with a focus on capital

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David Scobie

Storm warning: Mercer on manager business risks

Fund manager business risks have spiked upwards during the coronavirus crisis with further fall-out likely as the shockwaves reverberate, according to a new paper by Mercer. The firm sees the possibility of casualties and M&A activity, but not yet a

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Roger Urwin and Margaret Franklin

Roger Urwin on culture, COVID and other challenges

Culture is a “fascinating subject dripping with issues”, according to Roger Urwin, who first wrote about the power of culture for fiduciary investors and their managers in the 1990s, having established the asset consulting arm of Willis Towers Watson in

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