5 Reasons why your business needs a LinkedIn page

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LinkedIn has over 750 million members, it’s the largest professional networking platform worldwide, having more users than Twitter. It’s predominately used by businesses and businesspeople to interact with one another, share their company achievements, products and services.

With several reasons why your business and key spokespeople need to be active on LinkedIn, we’ve focused on the top 5 reasons it needs to be at the top of your social media strategy.  

1. Brand Awareness

Yes, this is the most obvious reason, but it’s important. The majority of businesses’ main KPI is to gain brand awareness, engage with current and potential clients and create conversions. This is a standard business model, and it’s something that LinkedIn can assist in many ways.

Not only can you create organic or targeted sponsored posts on LinkedIn to connect with your audience, but there is also a feature that enables you to invite 100 people every month to follow your page. The best part about the feature is that you can further filter those people by their industry and location which helps you to connect with the right audience.

With over 750 million members and 57 million businesses on LinkedIn, it’s a likely place to increase your brand awareness.

2. Generate high-quality leads with LinkedIn Ads

Strategically connecting your business page with high quality leads on LinkedIn enables you to showcase your content in front of your relevant audience and those you want to target.

One way to do this on LinkedIn is by creating sponsored ads on your businesses page. According to LinkedIn Business statistics, 65% of B2B companies have used LinkedIn paid ads to acquire leads and of which 45% of them have gained customers through the platform.

 Sponsored ads on LinkedIn gives you a broad range of capabilities. You can choose your objective, whether it’s brand awareness, website visits, engagement or lead generation. You can also choose a specific audience to target, for example, uploading your own database or one that LinkedIn generates for you based on industries, expertise and demographics.

3. Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is a great tool to use for finding the right staff for your company. It gives you an insight into their past job experiences and level of education. This is a great way to see if they’re the perfect fit for your business.

More than 90% of recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn to fill company job openings, so you could imagine the number of potential employees you could connect with on this platform.

4. Networking

LinkedIn is full of users sharing their professional, private or company updates, so it’s a great opportunity to find other like-minded individuals to connect with. Its sole purpose is professional networking, you can connect with those in your industry, your team, your clients, and even people in different countries. The networking is endless and a great tool to showcase your company to its relevant audience.

Creating or joining private groups on LinkedIn can result in more exclusive networking which is a great way to interact with and learn from those in your industry.

5. Research

A main priority for businesses is gaining an understanding of their customers and prospects, so a great way LinkedIn can help with that is their search tool. LinkedIn enables you to do your research on any business with a LinkedIn page. Monitoring what they post, who they partner with and the type of work they do.

Being able to scan content feeds and monitoring the companies’ insights and what their employees share on their profiles can be extremely informative.

Overall, LinkedIn is a great platform for your business to build brand awareness, strengthen its reputation, network with other businesses in the industry and generate leads. It’s a tool that all businesses should use in their long-term marketing strategy.

Shed Connect has a social media team that regularly advise and share strategies on how clients should approach each social media platform to best meet their objectives.

If you would like to discuss your company’s social media, please contact Kristen Assaad via emailing Kristen.assaad@shedconnect.com.

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