Boutique Australian firm wins prestigious NHS contracts in UK

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UK’s National Health Service(NHS) appoints Pulse to support culture change, improve alignment to organisational strategy through influencing and measuring key corporate behaviours


Organisational culture specialist firm Pulse Australasia today announced that it will be working with UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the third largest employer in the western world, to help support culture transformation.

Pulse Australasia founder and director Sue Jauncey said “The success of Pulse winning NHS contracts is high level endorsement of the Pulse approach.

“It’s significant that Pulse, a private Australian company that has created the first global Culturetech platform, has been selected ahead of the traditional suppliers of consultative organisational change services such as the big four global accounting firms.

“NHS trusts will now have the opportunity to experience first-hand the Pulse methodology which is designed to transform Board, Executive and organisational culture with the aim of increasing wiser leadership and improving productivity,” Ms Jauncey said.

Ms Jauncey added “Pulse Australasia’s UK office will be responsible for rolling out the pathway to improved organisational performance for NHS as demand for a more effective consultative approach grows.”

Pulse has a strong track record of achieving cultural transformation across a number of large organisations both in Australia and the UK. Clients include the Australian Navy and a number of leading Health and Social Care provider groups both in Australia and the UK, including Lifeways Community Care, the largest learning disability and mental health provider organisation in the UK.

Pulse’s methodology is based on the notion of harnessing the workforce to work collectively to achieve shared and common goals. This is achieved through the ongoing monitoring, measuring and governing of culture through the Pulse digital ‘Culturetech platform’ that accelerates cultural accountability and holds every member of staff personally accountable for their actions.

Typically, Pulse first works with the CEO, executive team and board before rolling out the program more widely across the organisation.

“This is also the approach which has been adopted by the NHS in the UK,” said Ms Jauncey.

“Culture is about “the way we collectively do things around here” and is primarily governed by a few key organisational ‘Signature Behaviours.’ If an intentional culture is not implemented, measured and governed by Boards and Executives and the key behaviours are not aligned and acted out in the best interests of the organisation, the culture will become a culture of entitlement.

“And this becomes the focus of staff, who are driven by the desire to have their own personal needs and wants satisfied rather than work collectively together to achieve the organisation’s common and shared goals.

“In the majority of organizations, responsibility for cultural issues is all too often hived off to the HR department. However, there is now a growing recognition by corporate leaders and commentators that an organisation’s culture is the key responsibility of the board, CEO and Executive teams.

“Indeed ASIC head Greg Medcraft made this observation recently in an industry speech in which he also observed that culture is the ‘new black’ in the corporate governance world,” said Ms Jauncey.

About Pulse Australasia

Pulse is boutique international consulting firm implementing unique cultural and business solutions. Pulse programs address challenges that relate to the psychology of people and human behavior. In rapidly changing markets, Pulse provides solutions that align an organisation’s people to achieve the successful execution of its most challenging strategic objectives. Pulse uses a unique proprietary methodology to quantify behavior and transform results. Pulse clients include medium to large organisations, ranging from Tier 1 corporates to Not For Profits.


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