Successfully balancing excellence – innovating into Multi Channel value, tales from the Shed

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I recently sat down in a room full of 20 people from around the world to begin 12 months of a an Executive program designed to challenge my thinking on both scientific and physical levels. Whilst I sat there beginning a new journey, my colleagues were back in the office working.

The following week a colleague was away for a day at university, continuing her studies in Commerce and Marketing. A few days later, another colleague was at a conference, learning from and connecting with the experts on Self-Managed Superannuation trustee education.
Each of us bringing back something new to not only improve ourselves but also to share with the team.

Like any comic book hero team every Shed team member has something they excel at doing, a lot of things they are really good at, several things they have loads of experience in delivering; and a few things they know they need to learn more about.

As team leads, our management spend a lot of time on two key things

  1. making sure this knowledge and skill load is even and
  2. ensuring that all team members work together to produce great results for our clients

Here in the Shed we know that to get a job done well you need more than one tool in the toolkit, and that is why we are breaking out of our Public Relations Silo; and branching out into a fully-fledged Outsourced Marketing Executive model.
We believe that by bringing in the best talent in a mix of disciplines, we can offer best of breed service to our clients, both new and old.

By getting the right mix of talent together our team is enabled to

  • Focus on their fields of excellence,
  • play in their fields of experience and
  • challenge themselves in their fields of growth.

Over the last year we have been stocking up on value presence, bringing in market leading experts, training up the existing team and expanding our footprint into multi-channel creative agency and service delivery.
We now have coverage in the following disciplines plus many more:-

  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Investor relations
  • Communications – internal, external and crisis
  • B to B marketing
  • B to C marketing
  • Writing and Content creation
  • Creative Content and Innovation
  • Advertising – Program Design, Agency and Brokerage
  • Conference and Event Planning, Management and Operations
  • Digital and Social marketing
  • Marketing Strategy and Design
  • Marketing, Media and Communications Consulting
  • Publishing and Broadcasting

This creates a far more practical value proposition to both our clients and the market and Sheridan and the team look forward to sharing more insights on our blog as the journey progresses.

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