November 25, 2018

ETFs continue to break new ground

The ASX has delivered on its promise from a few years ago to build an “investor supermarket” covering not only listed companies but a range of other strategies and opportunities from professional managers. The ETF market, coupled with the expansion

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Retail property in for massive shake-up

Big super funds have an average allocation to the retailing industry, mainly through bricks-and-mortar property, of about 4 per cent, according to calculations by Adrian Benedict. While he didn’t actually say this, the sub-text from a presentation in Sydney last

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CFM capitalises on growing alternative beta appetite

CFM, the Paris-based global quant manager which has established a beachhead in Australia with its liquid alternatives beta strategies, opened a shiny new office in Sydney last week, with lots of room for growth. Liquid alts, as they are known,

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Olivia Engel

How quants capitalise on investment styles

It is often said that momentum, as an investment style, adds value on average over time. And the stats say that is true. In fact, compared with other styles, such as value – the grand-daddy of all styles – it

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Antionette Elias

Slowing appetite for hedge fund strategies – EY

Market conditions and changing investor preferences are creating new challenges for hedge fund managers’ capital raising ambitions, allowing alternatives funds to gain favour with investors, according to EY’s annual alternative funds survey, ‘Global Alternative Fund Survey – At the Tipping

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Media Super invests for member interests

by Greg Bright Asset consultants hate this, but members love it. It’s when single-industry funds invest back in their own industries. Cbus has been doing it, famously, for years in property, as has Media Super, less famously, in film and

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