April 7, 2019

David O'Sullivan

BUSSQ drama prompts board governance questions

by Greg Bright The trustee board of the $4.5 billion BUSSQ industry fund last Monday, April 1, terminated its long-standing CIO, bypassing the fund’s chief executive in the decision-making process. It was no April Fools’ Day joke. Officially, David O’Sullivan,

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Northern Trust wins Maple-Brown Abbott contract

Maple-Brown Abbott has rationalised its securities servicing arrangements, which previously included two custodians – RBC Investor Services and NAB Asset Servicing – by replacing them both with a new provider. Maple-Brown, which manages about A$10 billion, is understood to have

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Peter Higgs

TGM offers new solution to volatility concerns

Tactical Global Management has launched a new strategy for Australian investors to take a lot of the volatility out of their equities portfolios. Given TGM’s pedigree in currency and multi-asset overlay management, the strategy seems to be ideal for the

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Ed Piolet

The big trends in data reshaping financial industry

For years the domain of sophisticated hedge funds, so-called ‘alternative data’ is gaining popularity among traditional fund managers and asset owners. Coupled with other advances, alternative data can give institutional investors an edge in both alpha generation and risk management.

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Justin Preston

Big investors, finally, get interested in China

At long last the global institutional investment world – that is the western pension fund world – is starting to invest in China. According to bfinance, the international manager search and consulting firm, the recent Chinese policy initiatives to attract

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Val Wotton

Europe adds to regulatory issues

As if we didn’t have enough regulatory issues of our own to contend with, the goings on in Europe – not just Brexit – are providing Australia’s big super funds and their managers with more and more grief. DTCC, at

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Dee McGrath

Link hires from IBM for top super admin role

Link Group has appointed Dee McGrath as the new chief executive officer of Link Fund Administration, a role which has recently been filled by group chief executive, John McMurtrie, following the departure last year of Suzanne Holden. The appointment is

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