Chant West Awards: the show goes on

Ian Fryer and Brendan Burwood
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What better year than this for Chant West to adopt a ‘sustainability’ theme for its super fund Awards night, going ahead on May 14, via livestream. It’s actually in the daytime, too. So, no need for a black tie or little black dress.

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The finalists in the final two awards, each of which reflect the sustainability theme, are:


  • AMP (Goal Explorer)
  • Russell (Goaltracker)
  • Sunsuper (Adviser Online)
  • Telstra Super (investments for pension members)


  • Australian Super
  • QSuper
  • Sunsuper
  • Vic Super

But, Ian Fryer, the head of research at Chant West, says all of the awards take sustainability into account. “It’s a pity we can’t do our normal black-tie event this year, with our partner Conexus Financial, but we thought it was important to try to keep some normality in the world by still holding the Awards.”

He said last week: “We want to highlight the great things that a lot of super funds are doing. We look at the purpose of superannuation. It’s all about the long term… We want to see what super funds are doing to make sure they will be here in 30 or more years’ time.”

Brendan Burwood, the chief executive of the listed company which owns the Chant West business, said: “In this very difficult time, I think it’s important that organisations, such as Chant West, continue to provide the service we have been doing for many years. Chant West is all about giving super fund members the right information to make informed decisions. Our annual Awards night, or day in this instance, highlights the best of the best.”

Finalists for all 12 awards are expected to be announced later this week. The major sponsor, once again, is the AIA insurance group. For other information, see:

– G.B.

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