We provide complete financial services communications, content marketing and media relations solutions.

As financial services specialists with over 20 years experience, we have the industry knowledge, relationships and networks to ensure our clients successfully reach their target audience.


Tell Your Story


Digital marketing and social media has changed the way that financial services firms communicate with their clients and the media.

To make connections with your audience online and via the media you need to create a memorable story about your brand, products and expertise. People pay attention and engage with experts that tell relevant stories that inspire and educate.

With a core team of professional journalists and content marketing specialists, we help our clients create meaningful communications campaigns. To get optimum results, it is essential to incorporate your identity, key messaging and values within communications using multiple formats and channels.

Why our approach to financial content marketing gets results

Our content marketing programs create compelling content that:

Use storytelling to keep audience attention.
Appeal to different reader preferences using a variety of formats and channels.
Encourages readers to change their minds.

Build Your Brand

Financial Services media relations and corporate credibility

We have over 20 years of experience in financial services public relations with access and relationships to over 230 journalists in the industry. We recognize and understand that a targeted media contact program with key journalists in your field is essential for distributing your story. We provide opportunities to engage with the media, build relationships and highlight the credibility of your spokespeople in their respective fields.

Why our approach to financial services media gets results

Our long-term relationships with financial services media means that we know what they are looking for and can customize our media relations strategies accordingly. Every publication has a different style, personality, audience and approach. By customizing our submissions and discussions for target publications we achieve better results.

We can help build your media presence and brand recognition…

Grow Your Sales

Grow Your Sales

Shed Media will convert contact with your brand into tangible leads using the right tools and strategies.

We offer a variety of opportunities for clients to advance past the independent media outlets and get closer to potential customers.

Cost-effective lead generation services

We plug your brand into our own proprietary database of approximately 67000 retail investors and financial services contacts. By utilizing our connections and social media platforms you are able to get your brand in front of your target audience with ease and efficiency. Our team will work with you closely to create native advertising on one of our three weekly publications – The Inside Adviser, The Inside Investor, and Investor Strategy News and send out electronic direct mail (EDM) promotions for events, IPOs and products.