Terms & Conditions

Shed Connect Pty Ltd, is a privately owned Australian business registered in New South Wales. ABN: 37 121 215 530; ACN: 121 215 530.

Shed Connect operates this website with the domain name “www.shedconnect.com”, which allows access to the various business activities of the company. They include the newsletter “The Inside Adviser” and “The Inside Investor”, as well as occasional reports and investment roundtables and other information published on behalf of Shed Connect or our clients.

These Terms & Conditions refer to the use and access to all of the online business activities of the company.
This website is available for free to any interested party and Shed Connect does not warrant its continuous operation without interruption nor change, nor that it is error-free, nor that any information on the website constitutes financial advice.


We collect personal information from you in the course of operating this website, the newsletters, conferences and events. This information allows us to analyse what information you like to receive.

All of the information published by Shed Connect on its website is available without any fees or charges and without password protection. Subscribers acknowledge that they are receiving a free service and therefore accept that there may be advertising and promotional offers available on the website or sent directly to them through their subscription information.

Subscribers to The Inside Adviser and The Inside Investor  or who wish to receive any of our reports, acknowledge that Shed Connect has the right to, from time to time, send them promotional materials, either about our own activities or those of our clients.

Standard cookies are used to track login sessions of users. Google Analytics and the services of specialist email platforms are also used to analyse user and reader preferences. This information may be passed on to our advertisers and other clients to assist their marketing initiatives.

While Shed Connect attempts to ascertain the veracity and honesty of any promotional materials or advertising from our clients, we do provide no warranties as to their content and accuracy. Advertisements and promotional materials may link to websites associated with our clients, but these do not form part of the Shed Connect website and are not covered by our Terms & Conditions.

Subscribers have the right and ability to unsubscribe from all information services at any time via the online “unsubscribe” button or by informing the publisher directly by email (drewmeredith@shedconnect.com.au). Subscribers, however, are unable to unsubscribe only to the promotional materials and still receive the free newsletters or other valuable information.