Get to know Adrian Frinsdorf from William Buck

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Adrian Frinsdorf is a Director of Wealth Advisory at William Buck, a 30-year old multidisciplinary financial services group. Adrian has attained a Bachelor of Business at the University of South Australia along with a Diploma of Financial Planning at Deakin University. He is a fully accredited adviser with experience across stock broking, asset management and financial advice. His career has included experience with Deutsche Asset Management, the Commonwealth Bank and JB Were, providing him with unique insights into the needs of a broad range of clients.

One of Adrian’s strongest beliefs is that poor short-term management leads to longer-term issues and delaying action creates a bigger problem. He works with his clients to ensure that issues are kept to a minimum and potential opportunities are maximised. Adrian abides by the philosophy that ‘investing is as much about the investments you choose to ignore as the ones you choose to invest in’. With this in mind, he takes a methodical approach to his work, ensuring that ‘no stone is left unturned’ in his pursuit of successful outcomes for clients.

Let’s get to know Adrian

Licensee: William Buck Wealth Advisory SA Pty Ltd

State: SA
AUM: $500m+
Years of Experience: 25

Favourite weekend activity in COVID-19 lockdown?: Cycling
What was your favourite holiday destination pre-COVID 19?: USA
What is the first thing you will be doing post-COVID 19 lockdown?: We are already post COVID in Adelaide so going to the pub (thanks for rubbing it in Adrian!)
Online shopping or bricks & mortar?: Online
What are you most optimistic about as an Australian?: Our youth
Four dream dinner guests – historical or living?: Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Shane Warne, Barry Bonds

Explain your personal investment policy: Asset class diversification and having proper asset class strategies, supplemented by quality product.
What is your preferred investment vehicle? No preference.
What is the best investment recommendation you have made?: Heavily overweighted international compared to Australian equities 8 years ago.
What is the worst investment recommendation you have made?: Chasing the tech bubble back in ‘99
Financial Armageddon, gold bullion, cryptocurrency or USD?: Gold Bullion
What is your biggest concern for investors today?: Holding on to banking stocks
Will President Trump be re-elected in 2020?: No
You can only buy one Australian company for the next 10 years – what is it and why?: VGI – Superb fund manager that is undervalued and will be great value in 10 years
You can only buy one global company for the next 10 years – what is it and why?: Microsoft – the best led company in the world.

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