The art of creating content for social media

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Posting content on social media differs for each platform, however there is a right way of doing it to ensure that you’ve got a healthy balance of content and are keeping your network engaged.

From product/service-related posts to human centred ones, we’ve outlined a few themes to keep in mind when publishing on your business’s social media accounts.

Company or business updates

The first and most obvious theme to post across your business accounts are company or business updates.

This includes promoting your products, services, events, blogs/ articles, videos, and all the things that display the value your company offers.

For optimal lead generation also always including call to action to push people to your website and read more or get in contact with the team for more information.

These types of posts should generally be the most frequently posted they enable you to create brand awareness for your business and promote all it has to offer.

Team achievements and milestones

The second theme, which is equally as important, is team achievements and milestones. The fact is, behind every business, there are people and processes, and it’s important to showcase this from time to time. The team appreciates been noticed for their efforts, and followers like to see examples of a positive company culture.

This type of content can include pushing out staff anniversaries or achievements, introducing a new team member, a team lunch, or simply employees doing their day-to-day activities. Just to name a few.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes posts seem simple but are extremely popular on social media, they gain high engagement rates and are a great way to get a conversation going about what’s happening in the business. Remember, a business can’t run without its people, so it’s essential to have an element of posts that sit outside of its usual activities.

General calendar events

The final theme to incorporate is calendar year events. Publishing content on important dates throughout the year such as Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, RU OK Day, Christmas and ANZAC Day for example. They gain high levels of engagement and help in breaking up the posts from being all about businesses.

These calendar dates will affect majority of your audience one way or another and play a simple yet effective theme to add to your social media strategy.

Although like everything, find a way to bring it back to your company, angle it them to showcase what your business is doing for RUOK Day is more effective than just posting about the day.

Creating a social media strategy for your business is a great way to map out what type of things to post and when, this ensures that there is an overall balance of content on your page that is both engaging and informative for your audience.

If you would like to discuss your company’s social media and its strategy, please contact our Social Media & Marketing Manager, Kristen Assaad, via emailing

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